Safe Work Method Statement

How to complete this safe work method statement


1) Adjust all details on the front page

2) Consult with the workers who are going to use this SWMS and make the necessary adjustments

3) “Risk Assessment Hazard Identification” - Inspect the site, identify the hazards that may be present and add to this SWMS

4) Job Steps- List the job steps in sequence of tasks required to carry out the work

5) Hazard Identification- List the potential hazards associated with each Job Step

6) Initial Risk- Using the “Risk Table”, rate the identified risks.

7) Control Measures Implemented- List the controls you will implement to reduce the risks to the lowest possible level

8) Revised Risk- Using the “Risk Table”, rate the level of risk once the controls have been implemented. If the revised risk rating is still 1, 2 or 3 do not start work until better control measures are implemented and the revised risk rating is 4, 5 or 6.

9) Person Responsible- List the name or position of the person or persons responsible for ensuring the controls are implemented

10) Ensure this safe work method statement is reviewed and revised if relevant control measures are revised.



Hard hat                    

Respirator or Dust mask                  


Erect Access Scaffolding                  

Fall Arrest systems                

UV protection clothing          

Safety Boots              

Hand Protection - Gloves                  

Fire Extinguishers                

Erect Warning Signs             

Protective Clothing                

Sun Glasses  

Eye Protection                       

Full Face Shield                    


Welding screen                     

Sun Screen 30+                                

Ear Protection                       

High Visibility Vest                


Welding Face Shield            

Broad Brim Hat          



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